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What Is the Matrix?

Fri Jan 30, 2015, 3:05 PM

It's all an incremental implementation.

First it is emotional shocks to the system, in tandem with culture shock and mindless radio and t.v. talk show nonsense, which numbs us down. Then the education is slowly steered to keep us fighting each other, and arguing about which came first, the chicken or the egg, and other mindless neurological distractions that DO NOT MATTER in the scheme of our lives.

Then it's more shocks to the system. Political, religious and psycho-social. All by intent and designed by people who do nothing all day long but study human behavior in groups and solo. That is their JOB. To know us better than we do.

Finally, it is the slow, gradual, incremental criminalization of EVERYTHING we are taught from birth to take for granted. This is known as a 'stealth dragnet' in military law enforcement circles. It's a way to 'weed out the strongest threats before the coup' happens. Every tyrannical regime in the history of man has done this behavior.

America is in this phase right now, quietly using character assassination, outright murder, financial assassination and other means to destroy persistent, nagging threats to the agenda. This isn't news.

Anyone who openly denies that this chain of events is not happening by design is either completely ignorant of how societies and nation-states are built, in denial, or just want to argue because they secretly are in despair about their powerlessness to stop it.

We are living in a well-oiled machine. We are the gears of our own destruction. Willing victims. Consensual slaughtered pigs.

Police are not bad people. The people who train them, and insinuate the negative aspects of the culture of policing, are the real issue when it comes to people bad mouthing cops.

These people reside atop the hierarchy. There is a reason for this. It is called the 'pecking order'. Every communal society in nature has one. It is the bottom-to-top organization of life forms in their communal setup.

People are no different from dolphins or sea turtles or wolves in this regard. We are raised, here in America, that we can 'be anything' we want to be, when we grow up. However, we are constantly bombarded by images, sounds, and concepts that tell us that we never will be, or someone else is BEFORE us, etc. We are a culture of yes/no/maybe someday. We are a nation divided by its own insane need for approval, but refusal to buckle down and do the hard work needed to accept it.

I am a firm believer in that ADHD does NOT EXIST. It is a symptom of our toxic, in-a-hurry, obtain-desires-right-now culture.

This is by design.

The only people offended by my words, or those that will surely ignore them, are those who know god damned well that I am hitting a nerve they cannot scratch.

Denial is more deadly than a roadside bomb placed by a terrorist.


- mids



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