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To Whom It May Concern

Thu Dec 18, 2014, 9:52 AM

[note: This post has nothing at all, whatsoever, to do with my previous journal entry.]

The following message was posted by me, about 2 minutes ago or so. I am pasting the entire thing here, to avoid any 'mind games' that will inevitably ensue. I will not truck with bat-shit crazies. Not now. Not ever. Period.
The information that you posted to my groups 'notes' area, has been seen by myself and my staff. Truthful or not, the note was the incorrect way to address your issues with the user you named in your message.

Nobody in my camp has any personal dealings with the person you mentioned, other than we sometimes put his work in a folder in our galleries. We do not KNOW this person, nor do we intend to. If he is personally associated with anyone you see in our group, it is not known information to my person.

Nobody in my camp knew YOU were on this planet, until you sent that note.

Your note, again, while seemingly written from a place of noble intent, was not the proper platform to air your grievances.

I have been on DA since the site launched. This is my younger account, in terms of membership length of time. I have looked into your claims in the note you posted, and spoken to a couple of people in the chain of command. I got nowhere.

Now, I am nobody special, not really, but I am not a new face on here. Thus, the fact I got nowhere makes me suspicious of your motives.

Regardless of whether or not I am wrong about your intentions, you need to refrain from further contact on my group page, my personal page, or any other means on DA.

Further contact towards myself, or my staff, will be construed as harassment, and yes, it is an enforceable infraction on legal grounds.

Do not include us in your drama further. We have no use for it, and the person you are targeting is not a friend, family member, or confidant of ours. We are not part of this nonsense.


First and only warning.

- mids

For those that aren't convinced, after reading the above, that this entry has no relation to my previous one, allow me to explain the previous one:

My life was turned upside down yesterday. In the worst way imaginable for myself, and those I have in my life. Some seriously hard choices are headed my way. Not the usual shit I bitch about. Not the internet crap around me. I mean real life. Hardcore. Life and death and stuff like that.

I will most likely lose my access to this site, not intentionally, but out of need. Things in my life have been stable for many years now, and it all just got gutted without warning, out of the blue. I will have to go into pure survival mode, if I am to overcome what is coming. The damage will take about 2 months to kick into high gear, and then all bets are off on my future, my quality of life, and my health. I have no further information in this public forum at this time.

If you are a part of my life, you know how to get in touch with me. Online or otherwise.

- mids



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slowdog294 Featured By Owner Edited 30 minutes ago  Professional General Artist
Many thanks for your support, my dear Brother Mids, fellow traveler, unstoppable force. Thank you for your service to the community also. I look forward to your long tenure here, no matter what goes down elsewhere.


In a day and age when all seems lost, dA has saved my sanity by allowing me to connect with fine folks like you. Be well, live long, and prosper. Do it even if reality says you cannot. Break the rules a bit and git 'er done!


The Earth does not suck. It is a very special and fragile tiny blue planet. Humans, on the other hand, really do. They are still savages with ever fewer exceptions.
BastianGV Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you very much for the DeviantWatch.
NamiTheAssassin Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for all those favs a while ago! :)
NecromanticMinstrel Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Orchid-Black Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the favourite!

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